Causes of chikungunya


Causes of chikungunya

Symptoms of Chikungunya Disease: Symptoms of Disease
(1) Rapid severe knot pain with unstable fever coming. Among other symptoms- (2) Cold feeling (3) cold feeling in the body (chill) (4) nausea or vomiting (5) reddish skin (skin rays) (6) mumps pain (muscle pain)

Usually, the disease is usually cured, but sometimes the pieces may be several months or even more than a few years.

Carrier: This disease spreads through the mosquito mosquito like Adis Ezipty (ADIS) and Edis albopectus (Ades elbopicus). Mosquitoes are easily recognizable by looking at the black and white stains of the body and feet.

Who is at risk: These mosquitoes usually grow in clear water and those around which such mosquitoes grow, are more prone to people.

How to spread: Initially, Chikungunya Virus Infected Adis Egyptite or Adis albupicusase mosquito bites. This type of mosquito usually bites (during dawn or evening). There may also be spread of chikungunya virus, exposed during the blood transfusion of blood transfusion and laboratory samples.

Sumptuary: 3-7 days (but may be up to 221).

Prevention and control: There is no vaccine against the disease. Personal Awareness Chikungunya Virus is the main way to prevent infection.

Protection from mosquito bites: Protecting from mosquito bites, the best way to get rid of chikungunya. Covering most parts of the body (wearing full sari shirt and flower pants), windows net ribbon, open door windows without need, use torch during sleep, body bites can resist mosquito bites using resistant cream.

Special attention should be given to children, sick patients and adults.

causes of chikungunya

Destruction of mosquito’s birth place: mosquito breeding area will be destroyed on the habitat and surrounding areas. Edis can breed mosquitoes in the place where the water is stored in the pot, pottery, bucket, drum, dab, and so on. Keep millions on these places that water does not accumulate and regularly clean the neighborhood. The government has participated in mosquito-killing programs.

Since the mosquito is infected with other organisms from the blood of the infected person, then the action is taken so that infected people can not bite mosquitoes.

Diagnosis: The above symptoms appear that the person who is susceptible to Chikungunya Virus infection. The symptom is detected by a week of Chikungunya infected person’s blood virus (Serology GES and RT-PCR).

Chikungunya Test
In Bangladesh Institute of Radiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), all the tests of Chikungunya diagnosis are done.

causes of chikungunya

The place to identify the Chikungunya Virus in the context of Bangladesh is the disease theory, control and research institute, IEDCR, located in Mohakhali, in the capital. It is possible to detect chikungunya virus through the ‘cellar’ examination in this research center.

The virus spreads through the AIDS mosquito. The bite of a person suffering from chikungunya is bitten by a healthy person and he is also infected with chikungunya.

Chikungunya symptoms
Symptoms of fever are similar to all other viral fever. Acute pain of bone joint is the only unique symptom of this disease. Headache, eye irritation, vomiting, physical weakness, flux, cough, rash etc are also there.

In most cases, fever is cured within three to four days. However, the pain of the bone joints is inhibited. The intensity of the pain is too fierce. As a result, it is very difficult for the patient to walk normally, holding hands with some hands and even holding hands. And the body became very weak


Chikungunya Medical
The treatment of chikungunya virus infection is mainly based on symptoms. There is no special medicine or vaccine for this disease. For three consecutive days, if there is severe pain in the fever and bone joints, then the doctor should be displaced. No medicines should be taken without consulting the doctor. There is no benefit to antibiotics. In addition to drinking plenty of water, drink water, saline, and lemon juice etc. Stay in full rest.

If there is pain in the joint or joints after fever, then it is also called post chikungunya arthritis. After this fever, most of the time there is pain in the bone stretching for long. Even the wound may swing. To reduce the pain, paracetamol or trammadal-specific medicines can be eaten.
In some cases, this pain can be prolonged. Chikunagunya, however, can reveal unreleated lymph, especially rheumatic arthritis. So if the pain is prolonged then the doctor should consult.
Pain can be complicated and chronic in cases of adolescent or other diseases. Try to stay in rest during this fever. The work that is heavy or hard work can not be done. Otherwise, the pain may increase. However, light exercise can be done and physiotherapy can be taken. It is not right to sit in the same place for long. If the cold bends, the pain is greatly reduced or comfort is available.

There will be plenty of fluid food. Nutritious food to eat. Sometimes the amount of salt in the body decreases, blood pressure decreases and your head may fall. So if the pressure is low in measuring the blood pressure, then the face saline will be eaten. At this time vegetables can be eaten more than the different fruits. If the weakness is not reduced after three weeks, then the doctor should consult.
After Chikungunya, many people, especially hands and feet, may suffer from burns, wheezing or biting pain. Anyone else can suffer depression. Fierce pain, not able to return to work, can not be done properly in daily activities, this increases the risk. Expert advice should be taken in this regard.

Chikungunya Remedy
Awareness is the main way of preventing chikungunya virus infection. Because, there is no vaccination against the disease. Prevention of mosquito bites is the best way to get rid of chikungunya. Covering most parts of the body (wearing flower shirt and flower pants), wearing a net on the window, without opening the doors and windows without need, using mosquito during sleep, mosquito resistant cream in the body can be avoided by bites of mosquitoes. Special attention should be given to children, sick patients and adults.
The mosquito breeding grounds and surrounding areas must be destroyed. Edis mosquitoes can breed in the places where the water can be stored in the pot, clay, bucket, drum, dab, etc., left behind the house. These places should not be able to get water, they should be kept in mind. House surroundings should be cleaned regularly.
Since mosquitoes infect other people with germs from the infected person, action should be taken so that the affected person can not bite mosquito.


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