Coronavirus bangladesh


Coronavirus Bangladesh

Coronavirus Bangladesh

the virus that typically infects the respiratory tract of mammals, including humans and causes respiratory infections such as the common cold, pneumonia, and severe acute respiratory syndrome

History of the Corona Virus

★ Coronavirus was first discovered in the 8’s.

★ It is first seen as an infectious bronchitis virus in chickens. The virus is later found in patients with common cold-cough and cough.

★ The virus is
found in several other species at different times , most notably in SARS-COV 24 in 20, HCOV NL in 29, HQ in 272, MERS-COV in 272 and the latest in Novel Coronavirus in China. Most of these viruses cause serious respiratory infections

★ On December 5, a species of coronavirus was infected in Wuhan, China. The World Health Organization’s official 2019 virus is named.

★ As of March 8, more than 5 countries and regions have been reported from China as well as more than 6 people died.

★ Definitely more than 5,212 patients in different countries and regions have been infected with the virus, and more than 4,000 people are cured

★ Many researchers think the virus came from the snake ..


Early symptoms of coronavirus infection

★ Fever

★ Exhaustion

★ Dry cough

★ Breathing difficulty

★ Sore throat

★ In some patients, all the above symptoms appear but there is no fever.

The infection begins with a fever, followed by a dry cough. About a week later the breathing began.
Patients may experience all sorts of symptoms, ranging from mild to cold.


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