green vegetables benefits

green vegetables benefits

green vegetables benefits

Vitamin / Nutrition / Quality and Benefits of Vegetables, Spices, Plants and Fruits

Let’s not know the classification of vegetables:
Depending on the posture and formation of plants, vegetables can be divided into different categories as follows

1. Root Crops:
Radish, carrot, gooseberry, beet, sweet potato, ginger etc.

2. Stems National Vegetables (Tubers):
Goal potatoes, kachu, olecucho, ada globe artichoke, silier, mushroom, floral finals, rhubarb tree etc.

3. Leafy Crops:
Beat leaves, coriander leaves, red spinach, mint leaves, lettuce, spinach, pineapples, cornsalad etc.

4. Coop Crops:
Cabbage, walcup, cauliflower, broccoli etc.

5. Bulb Crops:
Onion, garlic etc.

6. Fruit Crops:
Tomato, pepper, szina, brinjal, sweet pumpkin etc.

7. Bean Crops:
Native bean, jhana bean, pea etc.

8. Creeping Plant Crops:
Kankarol, Pachikumda, Chichinga, Jhinga, Dhundal, Patal, Barabati etc.

9. Spices Crops:
Yellow, bay leaf, cinnamon, pepper, fennel etc.

Seasonal vegetables:
We know that balanced diet is necessary for nourishment and regular and proper growth of our body. Balanced foods contain 6 elements. Such as: (1) protein or protein, (2) carbohydrate or starch, (3) affection or oiled food, (4) vitamin, (5) minerals salt and (6) water Protein, stomach and fats are essential for the growth and development of our body and they increase our body strength. But in order to prevent body disease, body corrosion or deficiency, to reduce the reluctance of taking food everyday, and to keep the body healthy and vigilant during long-term illness, we need some minerals, salt and vitamin and diet.

Sweet Pumpkin Sweet Pumkin:
A lot of nutritious sweet pumpkin vegetables. This is a kind of yellow big-sized vegetables. Sweet pumpkin is a kind of delicious and nutritious vegetable. Its leaves and stems are eaten as vegetables. Sweet pumpkin curry and curry are eaten. Almost all the vegetables are found throughout the country during the whole year, but during the summer season it is only available in the market. These vegetables contain plenty of vitamins and vitamins-C. Regularly playing sweet pumpkin, avoid the complications of eye cataracts. Rumatoid arthritis is also very useful for a patient of sweet pumpkin. These vegetables also alleviate kidney infections, urinary problems etc. The vitamins that have ‘C’ are cut-torn, wound and so forth. Blisters on the skin, even when there is a pungency in the body, its fight against Vitamin ‘C’. This vegetable contains a type of oil, which helps to keep the male’s prostate function normal. Those who have problems with diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue etc. should eat less sweet pumpkin.
Tomato Tomato:
Tomato is a fruit, but in our country it is known as vegetables. Not only in our country, it is a known vegetable in the world. Tomato is rich in vitamins and minerals as vegetables and salads. Tomatoes contain plenty of protein, calcium, vitamins and vitamin C. Tomatoes have special components called lycopene, which help in preventing cancer of the limbs of the lungs, stomach, pancreas, colon, breast, bladder, prostate etc. Tomato is known as one of the most sophisticated vegetables. All varieties of tomatoes and tomatoes are effective for cancer prevention. From Tomato to Vitamin A, there are almost all vitamins. Tomatoes control blood pressure and increase body immunity. Tomatoes have pistachial acids that can be used to avoid palm and fever pains.
Onion beans are similar to carrots, sweet potatoes, but some unique features of onion include onion in the top ten. Onions can help increase our bone density. Onion prevents heart attack. Onion Allergy is free from respiratory failure, mouth and daily gastric cancer and diabetes. There is no pair of onion cooked in a daily life. Onions have plenty of nutrients. Onion is a very useful vegetable for the heart. Onions help to keep diabetes under control. Due to the shortage of calcium deficiency in the beverage, the patient is slow.
Carrots Carrots:
Carrots are a winter vegetable. The carrots are of various colors. Such as orange, white, black, red, yellow, violet and purple. However, in our country, orange colored carrots are usually found more. Carrots are eaten raw and cooked. Nutritious lot of carrots. Carrot is beta-carotene, vitamin A, Vitamin-C and a rich source of many important antioxidants. Carrot plays a strong role in establishing improved vision, cancer, bright skin, strong antiseptic, heart disease prevention, healthy tooth and gums, stroke resistance. Along with reducing unnecessary fat in the liver and bile, the carrot provides solutions to many complex problems like insomnia and headaches. Carrots a wonderful vegetable Carrots play an important role in the beauty of the skin. The carrots have plenty of antioxidants, vitamins A and Vitamin C. The carrot keeps the blood circulation process normal and helps the heart.
Sweet potato Sweet-potato:
Two types of potatoes are found in our country. One of the sweet potatoes in between. Sweet potatoes are available in our country of red and white varieties. Sweet potato contains vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin C Vitamin D, mineral magnesium. Sweet potato keeps us free of heart attacks, flu viruses, cancers, toxins. It also plays an important role in producing bone, heart, nerves, skin, and tooth, red and white blood cells. Sweet potato contains plenty of cancer-resistant ingredients. Sweet potato contains Vitamin A, C and Manganese. Sweet potato fiber and iron are good sources. So sweet potatoes help in nutrition as well as keep digestion process normal.
Eggplant Eggplant:
Vegan is one of the most famous vegetables in our country. Many species of eggplants are available in our country. Nutritional quality of all types of eggplant is almost the same. Brinjal contains plenty of fiber, minerals, vitamins A vitamin B, vitamin C potassium, magnesium, calcium protein, minerals manganese and thiamine. Brinjal reduces cholesterol in the blood, digestion process helps and coronary heart disease control, blood pressure control.

Capsicum Capsicun / bell-peppers:
Capsicum is known all over the world as sweet pepper. Capsicum is made of green, red, yellow, orange, chocolate. Capsicum Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, Alpha-Carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 Vitamin K Recent studies have shown that capsicum can keep lungs, colon, pouch, and pancreatic cancer free from cancer.

The Elephant foot yam or Elephant yam:

It is good for the patient, because it helps prevent tumor. But there is ‘calcium anglet’ which produces stones in kidneys.

Mushroom Mushroom:
Currently it is a popular vegetable in our country. Recently, a study in the Mushroom Research Center revealed that it cures diabetes, jaundice, hypertension, cancer, tumors, dengue fever, medicines etc. Iron, copper, potassium, vitamins are rich.

Balsam pear, alligator pear, bitter gourd, bitter melon, bitter cucumber:

It contains glycoside, which protects the liver and gallbladder. All bitter bitter foods increase taste and reduce the risk of fat increase. Many times the leaves of nimagha are eaten and eaten. It provides relief in skin irritations and worms. If you eat bitter as the first dish, then it helps to break the stomach by mouthing saliva on the face. It is beneficial to digestion and liver is also good.

Soybean Soyabean:
It is called the plant protein rich in nutrient richness. Soybean is available from oils, pulses, milk, vegetables and even cakes, which are used as food. Although it is not very popular in our country. It is beneficial for cancer prevention and hormonal problems. There are plenty of minerals, poor people can eat soybean pulses and delicious spices as an alternative to meat to meet the lack of protein.

Cucumber Cucumber:

It is helpful to protein digestion. Effective to cure kidney and stomach inflammation.

Cabbage Cabbage:
Vitamin C is more rich than oranges. There are iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamins ‘c’ and ‘e’. Cabbage, cauliflower helps in the formation of prothrothin in the blood.

Bit Bit: Iron is the maximum. Filled with plenty of minerals and vitamins. Bit beneficial to clean blood, liver illness, constipation, and nervous system health.

Cauliflower “Cauliflower:
It is an annual crop that promotes seeds. Generally, flowers of flower capsule are eaten white, and sap is surrounded with white leaves and thick, green leaves surrounded with white or white leaves. Cauliflower is a very nutritious vegetable; It can be cooked or cooked in any manner, and it can be cooked with it.

The white cork surrounded by leaves is like flower to look like the flower capsule. Its scientific name is Brassica olarasia (en: Brassica oleracea), which includes cabbage, broccoli etc. However, they have vitamin C, C, K, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc, in different cultivated flower capsules. A medium sized fennel contains energy – 25 kilocalories, carbohydrate -4.97 grams, protein-1.02 grams, fat-0.28, fiber-2 gram, foil-0.57 microgram, niacin-0.50 microgram, thiamine -0.05, pantantic acid -0.667 microgram. Cabbage, cauliflower helps in the formation of prothrothin in the blood.

Potato Potato:

Potato is a balanced and nutritious meal. The scientific name of potato is solanum tuberosum (Solanum tuberosom). On the one hand, there are many types of sugar like rice, as well as vegetables such as fiber or fiber, minerals salt, vitamins and vegetable proteins. There are 19 grams of carbohydrate in every 100 grams, Food fiber2.2 grams, Plant protein 2 grams, Mineral salt 0.52 grams, Potassium saline is 0.42 grams, and Vitamin 0.02 grams. On the other hand, 80 grams of sugar, 100 grams of fiber, 1.3 grams of vegetable protein, 7.13 grams of vegetable protein, 0.28 grams of mineral salt, and Vitamin contains only 0.002 grams. So the potato has less sugar than the rice, but there are other ingredients. It is used as a balanced diet because it is high in essential diet.

Luffa (Vietnamese: Luffa), Vietnamese Jhinga, Vietnamese Lau, or Chinese Okra is a tropical square and sub-tropical herb that has been classified in the Causa Cukuyabitasah family.

Chichinga is one of the main summer vegetables of favorite to everyone of Bangladesh. There are many medicinal properties. 95 percent of the total storage in Chichinga, 95 percent water, 3.2-3.7 grams of carbohydrate, 0.4-0.7 gm, 35-40 mg calcium, 0.5-0.7 mg iron and 5-8 mg of foodgrains. Have C.
BADC is producing a variety of seeds called ‘Jhum Long’. The result is blue and green in the dark blue. One more variety of fruits is known as ‘White Savari’. Besides, Tista, Turag, Surma, Rupsha and various varieties are cultivated in this country.

Shingles, chichinga are popular as vegetables. But many people do not like two vegetables together. Someone chose shrimps, some chichigana This is because of taste only. And for those who want to know about nutrients, which one? Senior diet and nutritionist Shamsunnahar Nahid of Dhaka’s Bardem General Hospital said there are more water bodies in both of them. The amount of calories is very little. The amount of fiber in the shrimp is more. Two vegetables control blood sugar and reduce weight. And those who have ulcer problems are better to eat sesame. Here the food component is mentioned every 100 grams of shrimp and chisengi.

The food ingredients shrimp chikinga
Calorie 16 30
Protein 0.5 grams of 0.8 g
Fat 0.1 g 0.5 g
Carbohydrate 3.8 grams to 3.3 grams
Sodium is not 1 milligram
There is no 150 mg of potassium


A delicious vegetable of dandruff. Its name in English and Latin and its Latin language. Raw fruits are used as vegetables. Ripe and dried fruits are used for bathing during the bathing and cleaning of the cooking room in the kitchen. The dhundalera’s desired heat temperature is 30-35kg centrifug and the minimum average heat level is 20 kilograms. In the shade-free environment, there is plenty of free light water, freezing soil.

Extra nitrogen fertilizer is not the preferred choice for crops. Because the extra nitrogen increases the production of latees, but there is less pulse results. A lot of multi-grained vegetables are dusk. Notable sums are:

1. Dust has insulin which helps diabetic healing.
2. Helps reduce excess cholesterol and fat in the human body.
3. Food helps to cure digestion and jaundice.
4. The lentils contain calcium, phosphorus, iron, and B vitamins.
5. There are also anti-oxidants, antimycrobial, cardioprotective, nephroprotective, anticancer, anti ulcer, gastro-retrogrive, lipolipidemic, potoprotective, and hypolipidemic.


English: Ash gourd, winter melon, white gourd, winter gourd. Scientific name: Benincasa hispida Thunb Bengali synonym name: steering, running. Cucurbitaceae is a type of Latin tree. Their native place is the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. There are many sub-species in Bangladesh. Pumpkin is cultivated in all areas of Bangladesh. The country’s agricultural research institute has developed a high yielding variety of Bari rice kumura-1. This variety can be cultivated in all regions of Bangladesh.

Rice pumpkin is basically used as a vegetable. Besides, the padded pellet, turquoise was made. It is extremely beneficial for the lungs. Its seeds are deodorant. Mixing sugar with its juice helps remove the disease. Sapphire and sugar methiagite with the juice of it helps beneficial diseases. This juice is also used for healing the disease.

banana cone,

Dressing room

All bitter herbs increase bitter food and reduce the risk of fat increase. If you eat bitter as the first dish, then it helps to break the stomach by mouthing saliva on the face. It is beneficial to digestion and liver is also good.

Coriander leaf:
The coriander is spice, and the rich tree is vegetables. The leaves of these little trees look like flavors in the taste. That is why Dhanapata is used in food and cereals. Shamshnnahar Nahid, Senior Nutritionist at Bardem General Hospital, said, “Dhanepata is a good source of vitamin A, C and K. There is a small amount of vitamin B-O. Minerals contain plenty of calcium and potassium Iron, manganese, sodium etc. Those who have high levels of potassium and manganese in their blood, they can eat Dhanepata 10 to 15 minutes in water and drink water. “The study of the British Nutrition Foundation found that Dhanepata works as a antibiotic medicine in the body, plays a role in prevention, as well as remedies. There is a great ability to work against bacteria like Salmonellar, Dhanipatara. Let’s also know the other qualities of moneylenders.

Better sleep: Dhanepata has the ability to keep the nerves cool because of a great amount of phytonautrients. So it is easy to sleep Those who spend their sleepless nights, they can eat Dhanepata.

Cancer resistant: Antioxidant properties are rich in beta carotene, vitamins such as all essential components, which prevent cancer cells.

Anti-microbial quality: Protecting from infection, corona papata. This page contains fungi, bacteria and East-resistant components.

Blood sugar control: Blood pressure is controlled by playing wealth. Regular play increases insulin emission levels. As a result, diabetics reduce the amount of blood sugar in the patient.

Bone health: Calcium in coriander. Which strengthens the bone structure.

Cholesterol Control: One study found that coriander is able to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and keep good cholesterol levels under control.

Eye Protection: Beta carotene in vegetables is very important for the eyes of antioxidants, it helps in keeping eyes good and also helps prevent cataracts.

Blood pressure control: The arteries contain blood pressure control.

Removes anemia: Iron is rich in coriander. This material helps to reduce blood loss. But without eating cooked or salad, more benefits can be found.
Book: Siddharth Majumder

Basil leaves:
The use of mint leaves as medicinal has been used since ancient times. It is also used as a process of rupaculture. Know some of its properties.
* To reduce the irritation of sunburn, combine the juice of mint leaves and aloe vera juice together with skin. After 15 minutes, wash it with water.
* To reduce acne and reduce skin irritation, apply fresh mint leaves on the skin. Wash after 10 minutes. Put mint leaves on the night to remove acne scars. Keep all night if possible. If it is not possible, then keep at least 2/3 hours. Then wash it.
* If you have lice, then you can put rooted root juice of the mint. The drug of the lice is the juice of mint leaves or roots. Apply this juice well at the hairstyle. Then put a thin cloth over your head. After one hour wash hair shampoo. Do this at least twice a week. * Those who suffer from asthma and cough problems, the mint leaves are quite effective in their instant relief. If you get too much breath and cough problems, you can take the pot of boiling water in hot water. If you are unable to take a break, create a habit of gargle
* The combination of rosemary, mint, bamboo, cabbage and cucumber mixed together makes the toner and increases the brightness of the skin.
* Mint leaves contain antioxidants and phytonutrients, which can solve any problems in the abdomen very quickly. Those who have problems with digestion and abdominal pain or stomach ache problems, after eating the food, take 1 cup of mint leaves. 6/7 fresh mint leaves, mixed with hot water mixed with honey, can easily make mint leaves of tea in the house.
* The juice of mint is very good to keep the body cool in summer. Put some mint leaves in the water before bathing. The body and mind are prolonged after bathing with water.
* This leaf juice acts as an antibiotic to prevent any infection of the skin. Make dried mint leaves and make mint water and put it in the refrigerator. Bake 10-15 tablespoons of mint water in a bucket of water. You can use this method to get rid of the bitter odor from the body in the summer. There will be no sweat and allergies.
* To get rid of any pain immediately, mint leaves are very beneficial. If you have headache, you can drink mint leaves of tea. Or you can eat some fresh mint leaves. Joint pain can be leafed with mint leaf.

Dark green and yellow vegetables are useful in night-time diseases, bone and tooth formation, and neurological illness.

Palanquin Spinach:
Pulses such as Vitamin K, A, C, B2 and Folic Acid are the important sources of manganese, magnesium and iron. Every 100 g of roti has 23 calories, 3 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbohydrate and 2 grams of fiber, but there is no fat.
The pallets have plenty of water. And so the cooking time will increase a little bit, then the part of the less! The pulse quickly ripened. To preserve, you can open the stem in the airtight polybag and refrigerate it. Can be stored without frozen.
Although winter vegetables are also seen in the market year round. Bringing the power back faster Increases blood quality. Pansangakera Iron helps in the formation of red blood cells, which provides the oxygen throughout the body and reinforces the body, said senior nutritionist Shamsunnahar Nahid of the Bardem General Hospital.

• It is difficult to find more vitamin K rich vegetables than spinach. This vitamins make important contributions to bone protection.
Vitalin ‘A’ of spinach is very useful to prevent premature blindness and nightclub.
* Effective to increase skin brightness and prevent hair loss.
* Pulsing is essential as a preventive and preventive cancer.
* Removes pulp of constipation due to frosted foods.
* Diabetic patients can eat spinach safely because there is no sugar.

Side effects:
There is a lot of oxalate in the pallets. Nobody who has found oxalate on kidney stones does not eat too many spinach, avoidance
Good to do It also has more oxalic acid content. More oxalic acid absorbs other important components like calcium. It is believed that the amount of acids can be reduced by light cooking.

Vegetable spinach:

Almost everyone is known to be eating kachashara near the banquet of vegetables. ‘Kachu’ is not only ‘Kochu’, but it is known for its abundance of vitamins A, B, C and calcium, iron and other nutrients. Apart from providing the required nutritional value, these vegetables also play a role as a diet of various diseases. Due to the presence of adequate fog, the lean muscle also plays an effective role in the process of digestion of human beings. In addition to the tuber leafy vegetables (kochmukhhi) in the lower part of the soil are healthy nutrient rich material. There is no pair of caskets to prevent health and disease prevention.

Normally we eat two types of meat. Green lobster and black lace.
According to the health sciences, every 100 grams of green and black kochusha contain 10,278 and 12,000 microgram carotene, which is the source of Vitamin A ‘.
Let’s take a look at all the nutrients rich in uncertainty.

Every 100 grams of Green Kuchusha-
* 3.9 grams of protein
* 6.8 grams of carbohydrates
* 1.5 g of fat or fat
* 227 milligrams of calcium
* 10 milligrams iron
* 0.22 mg, vitamin B1 (thiamine)
* 0.26 mg vitamin B-2 (riboflavin)
* 12 mg of vitamin C
* 56 kilocalary food power

Every 100 gum has black cloth-
* 6.8 grams of protein
* 8.1 grams of carbohydrates
* Fat of 2.0 grams
* 460 milligrams of calcium
* 38.7 milligrams iron
* 0.06 mg vitamin B-1 (thiamine)
* 0.45 mg vitamin B-2 (riboflavin)
* 63 milligrams of Vitamin C
* 77 kilocalory food power

Black tuber leafy vegetables are more nutritious than green vegetables. Every 100 grams of black tea contains 6.8 grams of protein, 8.1 grams of carbohydrate, 2.0 grams of fat, 460 milligrams of calcium, 38.7 milligrams of iron, 0.06 milligrams of Vitamin B1 (thiamine), 0.45 milligrams Vitamin B2 (ribofybine), 63 mg of vitamin C and 77 kilocalory food power. These nutritional components play a vital role in nourishing the body.

Red Spinach:
Red spinach is a popular spinach in our country. Its English name is Red Amaramth and the scientific name Anaranthus oleraceus. In most parts of Bangladesh, less red vegetables are cultivated. After cooking, the color of the leafy vegetables is dark red. Red spinach is a delicious and nutritious meal.
Vitamin A, B, C and calcium are available in red shaw.


Cheap and readily available are many nutrients. It contains plenty of vitamins A, B, C, calcium, iron and other nutrients. Vitamin B1, which means thiamine, is much more than the quantity of penicillus than Helencha, Thanakuni, Kachu and Puriak.

100 grams of Kalimisa 1 grams of gheme, 9.4 grams of sugar, zero decimal 14 mg of vitamin B1, zero decimal 4 mg vitamin B-2 or Riboflavin, 42 mg vitamin-C, 107 mg calcium, 3.9mg milligram iron , 10 thousand 740 microgram carotene and 46 kilocalory food power.

Let’s take a look at the various benefits of pen-shiksha-

1. Vitamin B-1 nervous system, which is kept in penicillin, is strong and normal. Helps in normal growth of body.

2. The penis contains a lot of carotene. This carotene is made from vitamin A in our body. Vitality plays an effective role in keeping eye sight better.

3. Vitamin-C is very strong in the liver and it strengthens our teeth, gums and muscles. Apart from this, vitamin C protects against colds and coughs and increases the resistance of the body.

4. Calcium containing penicillin plays a role in strengthening the bones and teeth of the human body. Calling is very beneficial for good health of pregnant and maternal mother.

5. There is sufficient amount of fiber in the pen and leaves. Fennel food helps digestion, digestion and metabolism. So regularly eating adequate quantity of cloves, the constipation is removed and the body is healthy.

6. Mixing juice mixed with ghee twice in the morning and afternoon increases the amount of mother’s breast milk in the mother’s womb.

7. The two tablespoon juice mixed with a little hot milk increases the body’s immune system.


(Amaranth) Amaranthaceae species A few species of Amaranthus mass. Originally in the Indian subcontinent and Indochina. The leaves and stems used for vegetables and vegetables are Vitamin ‘A’ and ‘C’, rich in calcium and iron. The two main varieties: the leaflet Amaranthus tricolor, more than the year in winter, and other species of stem. Grown mainly in the summer season. Local varieties are cultivated in Bangladesh. There are two varieties of cardamom species: Alatapari and Bari-Lalak. Banspata, Katua, Sureshwari and Amni are mentioned in the main species of Kandas. According to varieties, about 15 m tons per hectare of yield. Cooks can be eaten with leafy leaves and stems as fish as well as fish and other vegetables.


Basella alba is a type of climber plant. It is commonly referred to as a spinach as it is eaten as a leaf and stalk leaf. Like many other vegetables, there are many vitamins A, Vitamin C, iron, and calcium. Besides, the density of the calories is low. Moreover, the amount of protein per calorie more than the calories. Of these, more than the amount of cubes. The whole tree with leaf completed herbal virtues. Leaf urine It is beneficial for gonorrhea. In addition to other diseases, there is the use of spinach with other substances in the urine disorder, excessive discharge, diarrhea etc. The roots of the leafy vegetables provide relief in the chicks, constipation, etc.. The juice of the root of the spleen is relaxed.

Lettuce leaves:

Lateus leaf’s scientific name is Laketasa Satiz L. This lettuce page is becoming increasingly popular in our country. It can be eaten as raw and wet salad. Lettuce has many nutrients. Let’s not know

Late pulpata regularly comes out late in the late summer due to the skin of the skin. On this page, Sodium Vitamin-B1, B-to-Three prevents the accumulation of water in any part of the body.

There are plenty of vitamin C and beta carotene in lettuce pills. These two components inhibit cholesterol oxidation and help reduce cholesterol. As a result the blood cholesterol levels are in control and the heart is good.

To remove cold, cold, cough, cough, asthma and lung infection, you can use lettuce in the salad every day.

Lettuce leaf is the source of Vitamin K. Vitamin K increases metabolism in the bone. Lettus pas quickly protects the body from bone loss.

When the skin is cut or torn anywhere, the pain becomes better when it is found in the place of pain.

Lithus papaya has low calorie intake. It’s a great meal to solve weight problems.

The importance of lettuce to control the amount of sugar in diabetic patients is very important.

Lethuspada contains large amounts of iron. Letuspatha helps to increase hemoglobin. Lettuce leaves are good food for anemia or anemic patients.

Late pulpata is beneficial in the form of nutrients in the form of hands and feet swelling, kidney stones, kidney failure, urinary tract infections and kidney pain.

Letuspata also works dandruff. Lethusepata powder in shampoo is used. To remove sunburn, it is beneficial for skin to laminate the skin on the skin.

Some alerts for vegetables:
Excretion of peanuts in beans, peas, berries, spinach, cauliflower, etc. should certainly be excluded. Again, eating ol, eggplant increases the incidence of amabata.

If diarrhea is unpredictable and vegetables should be excluded. Especially fennel vegetables. Because, cellulose disturbs digestion due to dizziness.

Gastrics, radishes, beans, spinach, and peas are difficult to digest and increase gastritis. It is better to remove raw vegetables, onions, cabbage, stems, coconut, raw cucumbers and barabata in food for ulcer patients.

If you have kidney stones, oxalic acid vegetables such as spinach, pineapple, tomato, bit, shajnapata, kachu, kachur spinach, banana peas, sweet potatoes should be omitted.

For Children:
Gradually green and yellow vegetables can be cooked by feeding them in five to six months of the children.

After birth, the mother should eat carrots, bits, tomatoes, lettuce leaves, cabbage and radishes. The black tint on the face of it disappears. Dry the seeds of ripe banana and mix them with 7-8 teaspoons of water and stir. Vitamin B Complex will not be due to play for some time.

Name of the human and disease-related material:

The name of the disease is the lack of components

Diabetes ——————————————- Insulin
Gooseberry ———————————————- iodine
Teteani ———————————————– Calcium
Dental erosion ———————————— Fluoride
Hypoglycaemia ——————————– Blood glucose
Nightclub ——————————————- Vitamin A (A)
Beriberi —————————————— Vitamin B (B1)
Pelagra ——————————————- Vitamin B3 (B3)
Scurvy ———————————————— Vitamin -C (C)
RITT ———————————————– Vitamin- D (D)
Reduction of reproductive capacity ——————————- Vitamin-E (E)
More bleeding ———————————– Vitamin K (K)

No vitamins are available in more quantities of Vitamin

Vitamin Spinach

Vitamin – ‘A’ Lalshak, Lau, Lettus, Purusha, Pulp, Cabbage, Tomato, Carrot, Papaya, Szina, Kuchu, Sweet Pumpkin, Brinjal
Vitamin – ‘B’ bean naturally vegetables
Vitamin – C ‘Cumin, Bean, Radish, Cabbage, Carrot, Tomato, Spinach, Citrus Fruit, Amalaki, Guava
Vitamin – ‘D’ greens and vegetables
Vitamin – ‘E’ cabbage, lettuce
Mineral salt green leaf green vegetables
Calcium nutshek, methicak, spinach, bacful, radish, brinjal
Iron carbohydrates, cranberries, corsets, lentils, onions, tomatoes, carrots
Iodine crisp, squash, vodka, onion
Protein bean, potato, peas
Nutrients of various fruits:
Apart from mineral salts, vitamins need to protect our body’s normal health. This vitamin is again known as A, B, C, D, K and E etc. Due to domestic consumption there are lots of these vitamins. Bitamin-rich fruits such as banana, papaya, guava, bell, mango, jackfruit, jackfruit etc. are common. In this essay, discussions about the presence and benefits of Vitamin and Mineral salt are discussed in the local and foreign countries.

Apple is a nutritious and delicious fruit. It causes the toxic and harmful substances to be removed from the body. Vitamin ‘A’ and ‘B1’ or thiamine fill. There are also potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium etc. There are tartaric acid, which prevents bacterial infections in the body, and it helps to prevent vomiting during travel. Apple has a ‘pactin’ that keeps the stomach healthy. Of course, there are plenty of pacatine in the guava, too many pacatin Apple juice is helpful in protecting the liver, golbladder or gallbladder and lungs.

It contains potassium chloride called mineral salt which helps in the removal of toxic substances from the body and purifies blood. It prevents liver and kidney disease. Beneficial in black grapes are anemia. Raisins or dry grapes are rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

The benefits of orange can not be ended in one word. It is vitamin ‘C’ rich fruit which is strong and strong in our blood vessel. Prevention of healthy diseases. It also contains pepticone, which causes the toxic substances from the body and helps to reduce blood cholesterol. It helps prevent heart attack or stroke and holds the youth of the body. The skin is smooth and charming. Common fever, secretion, prevents influenza, since it contains vitamin C However, it is full in vitamin A and therefore helps increase the eyesight. Preventing general inflammation, arthritis, cancer including high blood pressure and heart disease. Because it contains potassium, and hepatitis. Because it contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, folic acid and antigenant. An anti-gangent resuscitability in memory of elderly people such as Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s.

It is the first to have a sterile clean water. It contains plenty of potassium, so it is safe for high blood pressure patients. Because of the daily normal diet salt sodium, chloride (dome). Danger for high blood pressure patients. In addition to preventing diarrhea, cholera of small children, their body fills the need for water and acts as a substitute for saline. Doubts are safe and beneficial for asthma patients.

Sugar cane :
There is also Sucrose, which can be easily taken by the body. So, if you drink the juice of a healthy body, it is possible to get quick energy. It’s very useful in jalandis. But there is 30 times more nutrients than sugarcane juice. There are also more calcium ‘B’ vitamins and iron. Magnesium, it is beneficial for digestion and constipation in the form of minerals. However, recently some unscrupulous businessmen are selling molasses by mixing toxic hydrogen, so it is better to eat sugarcane directly.

Raw papaya digestive energy is helpful. The most fiber in fennel fruit contains bell, guava, ketbel, amara, ata, coconut and blackjam. Besides, there are medium-sized fibers between gab, kamranga, ripe tomatoes, rice mango, ripe jackfruit, apple and ammunki.

Nutritional quality of different spices:
Yellow: It helps prevent inflammation, herbal spices. In the recovery of liver, it helps to prevent cancer, seasonality, yellow pain reduction. This is a good antiseptic.

Chillies: Vitamin ‘C’ and anti-angiandant ‘prevent the various pain in the body.

Ginger: Stomach hops closed. Vomit closed Digestion increases energy. Removes common cold and mucus. If you drink tea ginger tea, the pain of the throat is removed.

Fenugreek seeds: Fenugreek seeds and fenugreek seeds prevent diabetes. It protects the body’s softness and spices a herbal honey. Mathematics is one of the five components of the spinning wheel. It enhances the beauty of hair. It prevents hypertension.

HOT SPICE: Various spices are known together as hot spices. In this, clotting of the cloves helps to reduce the inflammation and reduce the tonsill. Cardamom helps in digestion and removes smelly stains. Churichini stomach relaxes and prevents infections.

Tulsi leaf: Tulsi leaf juice is very beneficial for throat and cold cough.

So vegetables are not just for taste and nutrition. Regardless of the need of the body, keeping it consistent with unnecessary, it should be given its place in daily diet.

Various Vitamin Work:

Vitamin A
Very good for eyes, hair and skin. There are some foods- Milk, carrots, sweet potato, sweet pumpkin, mango, red cheese, green vegetables, cod liver oil, liver, spinach, colored vegetables, cheeses, apricots, eggs, papaya, peas.

Vitamin B
Helps keep digestion process right. Very useful for the skin. There are some foods

Fish, any kind of food, meat, grains, eggs, dairy products and green vegetables.

Vitamin C
Helps keep body tissues well. Helps to accelerate the recovery process. Increases the immune system.

There are some foods?
Orange, lemon, strawberries, tomato, cinnamon, broccoli, cauliflower, kiwi fruits, carrots, papaya, pineapple, grapes, mango, jam, potatoes, watermelon, banana, onion, cherries, guava, kishmish, lettuce, eggplant, fig.

Vitamin D
It is important for the formation of teeth and bones. Very useful for strengthening teeth and bones. The body also helps to absorb calcium. Some foods contain milk, fish, egg yolk, liver, nutritious serial.

Vitamin E
Protects the lungs and helps to form body tissue. Beneficial for skin and hair.

There are some foods

Grains, green vegetables, egg yolk, various types of nut, sunflower oil, sweet potato, sweet pumpkin seeds, palm oil.

Vitamin K
When it is cut somewhere, blood helps in clinging. Some foods contain green vegetables, dairy products, broccoli, soybean oil, pineapples, cabbage, parsley, lettuce, mustard spinach.

Different minerals:
Balanced diet is necessary for nourishment and regular and proper growth. Balanced foods contain 6 elements. Such as: (1) protein or protein, (2) carbohydrate or starch, (3) affection or oiled food, (4) vitamin, (5) minerals salt and (6) water Protein, stomach and fats are essential for the growth and development of our body and they increase our body strength. But in order to prevent body disease, body corrosion or deficiency, to reduce the reluctance of taking food everyday, and to keep the body healthy and vigilant during long-term illness, we need some minerals, salt and vitamin and diet.

And these vitamins and mineral salts can easily be absorbed by using different fruits, vegetables and various perfume spices. The market is available in the form of various mineral salts and Vitamin medicines in the form of medicines. But it is desirable to take these vitamins and mineral salts very cheaply at cheap prices by accepting our native fruits and vegetables. Because the nutrition and benefits of the body are more available when taking direct vegetables and fruits.

Mineral salt: A mineral salt is most known and important in calcium. Calcium strengthens our bones and teeth structure, strengthens and warms against arthritis, arthritis. The contribution of calcium to prevent eclampsia or dizziness is undeniable.

Phosphorus: Phosphorus work is also similar. Farmer’s brothers, those who have used Phosphorus fertilizer TSP to increase the crop roots and increase the plant’s strength, also know that phosphorus gives similar effectiveness to increase the body’s stamina. The difference is that we can easily take phosphorus through different fruits and vegetables. And our good wishes for that. Increase awareness of daily balanced diet.

Iron: Iron is a life-saving mineral that helps in the growth of hemoglobin by eliminating blood loss. Iron in pregnancy and maternal mother’s removing anemia or anemia.

Iodine: It is very small in body but its effect is immense. Iodine keeps the thyroid gland healthy. It prevents diseases like pulmonary disease, weakness, and breast cancer. Iodine is easily available from codliver oil, various marine fish, iodine mixed salt. Apart from iodine in addition to iodine in the codliver oil, Vitamin A is a valuable ingredient that prevents blindness and nightclub. There is also more calcium, which strengthens children’s bones and teeth.


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