International fruit day: Which fruits have won the fruit of year title since the past 8 years?


International fruit day: Which fruits have won the fruit of year title for the past 8 years?


International fruit day: Which fruits have won the fruit of year title for the past 8 years?

Every year there is a listing for fruits before international fruit day and out of all of them, one becomes the fruit of the year.

Let us go through the fruit of the year for the past few years and see which ones took the lead each year.

 2018 Kiwi: This year belongs to Kiwi. Kiwi, once known as Chinese gooseberry won the votes for 2018. It rose to fame when it came from New Zealand and it now grows in Israel, California, and Chile. Kiwis have brown skin and have a green or yellow flesh when they are ripe. They are high in tannin and vitamin C which helps in strengthening the immunity system and metabolism.

2017 Quince: A lot of people don’t know about quince. It’s a silky-textured hard fruit that was voted Fruit of the year in 2017. To win the title, quince has beaten many exotic and rarely known fruits. It was followed by rosehip and Cantaloupe melon. Quince is used to making liqueurs, jams, spirits, wines and many oriental dishes. If you’re planning on fruit gifts in the UK, make sure quince is at the top of your list.

2016 Lime: The year 2016 belonged to lime. It was chosen to be the fruit of the year and was followed by physalis and clementine. Nowadays limes are available all throughout the year and are used in every dish, starting from cakes and icecreams to oriental dishes and to are also used to add tart to spicy dishes.

2015 Blueberry: Blueberry, also known as bilberry or huckleberry are available in summer all over North America and Siberia. If they are consumed by themselves, they can aid in digestion and can strengthen your immune system.

2014 Pear: Pear won fruit of the year for 2014. Pears not only boost growth and aid digestion, but they are also rich in minerals and fibers that give you roughage. Their aromatic taste is perfect in salads, jams and different types of stuffings. Pears can be a sweet dish in itself. Poached pears in wine with creme Anglaise is nothing but pure unadulterated love.

2013 Fig: 2013 was the year of The Fig. Honestly, nothing tastes better than fig and honey ice cream with little shards of butterscotch. Nowadays, figs grow everywhere in the Mediterranean region and have enzymes that support and aid digestion. Not just that, they have digestive system aiding enzymes and vitamin  B1 which has a restorative property against stress.

2012 Cherry: Cherry is a very popular fruit and most cherry trees originate in the east and have a wonderful cherry blossom spring. Cherries are of different varieties and are used in desserts, juices, yogurt, pies, and cakes. However, they taste the best when they’re eaten by themselves.

2011- The year 2011 belonged to Mango. Mango is an exotic tropical fruit that has a lot of vitamins and protects people from flu and stress. Try eating a mango when you’re upset or stressed. You’ll find yourself slipping into a zone where the only thing you’ll be able to think about will be how pulpy and juicy the mango is. Mangoes make the best fruit gifts because they can be eaten in the form of pickles, chutneys or raw. People also love their mango shakes and juices.

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