iphone x vs 8 plus


iphone x vs 8 plus

Apple’s smartphone sales are running around the world, the new two models recently released by the iPhone. Two models have been named

(Iphone 8 iphone8 and iphone x iphone x)

Apple’s smartphone sales are running around the world, the new two models recently released by the iPhone. Two models have been named – (iPhone 8 iphone8 and iphone x iphone x)

Display Quality – Older versions and future versions

Before checking the differences between iPhone 8 and iPhone X, I think we should discuss the display quality of two smartphones. Let’s see the quality difference differences are not seen before –

IPhone X display – 5.8 “inch features – (5: 9 True Tone OLED, 2436 × 1125 Pixels) (458 PPI), 82.9% Screen-to-Body Ratio

IPhone 8’s display – 4.7 “inch features – (16: 9 True Tone LCD, 1334 × 750 pixels (326 PPI), 65.6% Screen-to-body Ration.

iphone x vs 8 plus

The display quality of the iPhone X is comparatively bigger than the iPhone 8 and according to its aspect ratios it can be understood that it has twice better performance than the iPhone 8.

Also its OLED display allows you to have good contrast ratios which is the best for smart power saving. IPhone X’s display pixel and size.

Although iPhone 8 and iPhone X are among Apple’s TrueTone technology, there is still a single display size and according to estimation, iPhone X is the best display model.

That’s why all the other smartphones in the market, which are competing with iPhone X rivals such as the Galaxy S8, LG G6 and Upcoming Google Pixel XXL, are campaigning in the market and in tough locations.

Although the display of all other phones is almost equal resolution.

Design- big vs. compact size

It is compared to the display that it is the best in all aspects of the iPhone 8 with the standard and size of the iPhone 8. But what is the customer wants? Are they looking for an attractive compact size smartphone or compact size is not like them? Let’s go between these two phones of the Apple flagships. See what the most compact –

IPhone X-6X 70.9 X7.7mm, 174g (6.14Oz)

IPhone 8 – 4x 67.3 x 7.3mm 148g (5.22Oz)

The iPhone X is a little longer than the iPhone 8. It’s iPhone 8 and is more spacious, so it’s iPhone 8 to 17% more heavier. The iPhone 8 Plus is also 202 grams weighing.

Comparatively, there are wide differences between these three phones. However, many have said it did not like them because of this over sight display of iPhone X.

When the video played back or the screen in full screen, they said it was a bit of a bad thing for them.

However, some similar features have been provided in the design of iPhone X and iPhone 8, such as Glass Backper, Wireless Charging, Water and Dust Control and Protection System (up to 30 minutes under 1 meter of water), behind two phones. There are also interesting aluminum chassis.

Both models have lightning ports, stereo speakers, as well as iPhone X’s only silver and space gray colors, while the iPhone 8 has Gold color, Silver and Gray.


There is not much difference from the external aspects of the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, but there is no difference between the performance of everything in order to operate inside it.

IPhone 8 and iPhone X-Apple A11 “bionic” chipset: Six core CPU & Six core GPU, M11 motion coprocessor, 3 GB Ram (iphone X), 2 GB Ram (I phone 8)

The difference between RAM is that we can see that there is a slight difference between camera performance in two phones. Screen resolution of the iPhone 8 is less than the iPhone X, the RAM and the low and the camera have single lenses. These differences are justifiably different for the two phones.

According to APL, their new A11 chipsets are 25% more powerful than all other CPU units and fast. And 30 percent more performance than the graphics unit and all other GPUs.

For multi-tasking, two phone speeds are remarkable than all other smartphones.

But what is the bionic part? You can wake up the question –

Here’s the only iPhone X’s personalities.

Apple ID’s new technology was replaced by Touch ID as part of the bionic part between iPhone X. Face ID Reconnaissance. According to Apple, it is more than Touch ID

Cameras – Dual vs Single

Another major difference between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X is that all the features related to the two phone cameras.

Just like the iPhone 8, there is a 12-megapixel camera between the iPhone X. And there are telephoto lenses and 2 x optical zoom systems. It’s really great for photo zooming and fast approaches. There are optical image stabilization systems.

You can also use these options in photo sculpture of Portrait Mood to take a picture perfect.

Apple’s Vase, A11 Bionic chipset in the iPhone X, and it works a lot faster for pixel processing of your photo, also includes low light auto focus and noise reduction system. There are also interesting front camera resolutions between iPhone X for Face ID.

Battery life and charging

Keeping the quality of all the inner parts may have forgotten to think about the Apple Battery for iPhone X. Apple’s iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 7/6 Plus were all in all models but battery performance was exceptional.

You will also find extraordinary battery life between iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

But in the case of the iPhone X, there was no innovation in the battery feature, but Apple’s opinion is that the iPhone X has more battery life than two hours of iPhone 7.

But yes, Apple is the first to add their own wireless charging system between the iPhone X. According to Apples, you will be able to charge your smartphone with just 30 minutes.

The Apple Quick Charger did not keep their boxes in the middle of the price due to the extra price.

Storage and price

We came here and now we have a part of the most pennyfile of Apple and it’s price and storage. But the good news is that iPhone X and iPhone 8 will be sold in the middle of two phones with 64 GB of storage facility this year. Let’s not see the price –

IPhone X – 64 GB (999 USD) – 256 GB ($ 1150)

IPhone 8 – 64 GB ($ 699) – 256 GB ($ 849)

In the middle of the two phones, there is a sky-space gap between prices. IPhone X is more than twice as expensive as the iPhone 8. Although smart phones have two storage capacity but equal. Even then those who buy these iPhone phones, of course they will not be sitting for price.

* Note: iPhone X is a complete Limited Time Addition and its stock is almost on the way (according to the information provided by Apple). It is also known that in 2018 the iPhone X’s storage will be increased further.


Between 2017 and April 8, iPhones of iPhones and iPhones have been selling very attractive. Many buyers are satisfied with the design of the iPhone 8. Although there are differences in prices, but checking the values ​​and features of two phones in particular, hopefully you can choose your own preferences.

Apart from price differences, all other differences are expected to show you the right way in front of you.

Good baye………..



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