Password security tips

Security threats and solutions
Security threats and solutions

password security tips

Due to the 7 mistakes, you may be facing the threat of online security

We are continuously sharing online personal information online and for different purposes. Almost everyone now uses Gmail, Twitter, various blog sites and social media for work needs.

After opening the account and opening the account, we have to set up various protection systems with the password to strengthen the security.

But, what have you thought about all these important personal information being handled?

Just like the type of work and requirements of online growing, the rush of developing online security systems is growing.


But, in the meantime, the existence of hackers exists everywhere and when they get the opportunity they can take away your data, you face a very big danger.

So let’s not know, we can keep our online security system, which can accurately target 7 common mistakes, keep strong and personal data secure.

Computer security threats and solutions

1. Weak password
Many of us use simple passwords to easily remember. Whether it is online or in the home WiFi connection even for the mobile lock screen.

But think of what is easy for you, but it can easily become a matter of breakdown to another. Anyone who can easily break your password, victim of hunting?

Many people use the same password in different accounts, this is another bad point.

Knowing one of your passwords does not guarantee that hackers will not be able to enter the same password in different accounts. So refrain from doing these things.

Write a password anywhere you just know. If you forget then find no problem.

2. Do not use the password manager
I do not know whether the password manager can use your online world to be much safer and easier. As a result, you can easily log in and save passwords all over your site

And  password security tips

Passwords of each separate site will be saved and protected so that you can auto-login to all sites and there is no problem remembering or forgetting passwords.

But do not use the same password for different sites or for logging in here.

You can keep your online world with a strong password with Strong Password Suggestions from Password Manager, making it much safer.

3. Two Factor Authentication
If you use both password manager and strong password, you can take additional security measures, and it is a two-level verification system or two factor authentication.

This system is available from Google Mail to various sites.

It also has to give other information along with the password to log in. Only you can know these data so that it will be impossible to log in to someone else and the account will be much safer.

If you have this system in your account, turn it on today.

Those who are using Gmail will be able to turn on the phone verification system as two factor authentication. In addition to Facebook, other social media also have such verification log in system.

4. Purchase online through credit card
Buying online at the present time and all things are available by paying at home and there is no bigger benefit than this.

Think of what credit card you are using for your payment, if it happens in the hands of hackers?

Although there are security payment methods and credit card free protection on all the good e-commerce sites, I think the best way to buy online bazaar is by using the Mobile Payment System.

With the help of Apple Pay, Android Pay, bKash, Rocket etc, payment can be made in the e-commerce site payment in the moment. So be careful about this and buy good products from websites like security Oman.


5. Click the link / spam email click
Hackers with a variety of social media sites have interesting links. The link that you are actually thinking of is a hacking tricks. These are called phishing.

As soon as you click on the link to this phishing site, all the information on your computer can be removed by hackers and remote logging and logging through all your valuable information.

So be careful, just do not click on any unnecessary link.

If you have spam in your email, you can always open spam email, though there is a separate spam in Gmail.

Looks like phishing sites are exactly like the main site.

For example, there will be a link between Facebook as a phishing site, after clicking on the exact page like Facebook login page will come in front of you.

You think Facebook will go away with information as soon as the information goes away to hackers. Also, different hackers create different phishing sites to hack different things so beware.

6. Use of public WiFi
The school, college, university is everywhere now with WiFi. And in many places there is free WiFi zone. If you hear that Obama may be a better place for a hacker and not to get caught in hunting.

Public WiFi security system is not strong and everyone can use it.

A hacker can easily take all your information through your sphinting. Be wary of using such wifi outside.

Beware from important logins, such as online bank accounts, social media, etc.

7. Do not update OS
If we do not have any problems in the computer, then we can not change Windows.

And many times, maybe on time.

Anyway, keep all your computer’s work done fast and secure, keeping Windows updated at regular intervals.

The reason is that Apple, Google, Microsoft each company regularly updates security patches for their OS. These patches play an important role in protecting the hackers.

Apart from the attacks of the new oneacre ransomware, so many people have probably suffered.

If you do not make these mistakes in time, you may have been able to avoid such a problem, and therefore take time to take protection in your online world and work safely.




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